White Silicate Primer

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For long lasting paintwork on masonry walls, first apply a coat of earthborn silicate primer.

Ideal for stabilising loose, powdery surfaces prior to painting, earthborn silicate primer is specially formulated as a base coat for earthborn silicate masonry paint.  Being water based and VOC free, it allows walls to breath. It also helps prevent algae growth.

Note:  Earthborn Silicate Primer should not be applied over conventional plastic masonry paints.  Some clay surfaces may require special treatment.

*   Ideal primer for silicate masonry paint.

*   Stabilises loose, powdery surfaces.

*   Helps prevent algae growth

*   VOC free

*   Water based, highly breathable

*   Easy to apply with standard brush, roller or suitable spray gun.

Great for:

*   Exterior or interior use

*   All mineral surfaces including brick, stone, concrete, pebble dash, render, lime wash, plaster and render.

*   Diluting earthborn silicate masonry paint



Coverage:     5 - 7sq mtrs per ltrs

Drying Time:  12 hours

Ingredients:   Water, stabilised sodium tetra-silicate, styrene stabiliser

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