Shillingstone Lime Putty

A Superior High Quality Lime Putty
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Shillingstone quicklime thoroughly slaked at our works.


Thick Dispersion. Off-white in colour. Small particles of coal and ash and partially burnt limestone are present.


To be mixed with aggregate to produce lime mortars, renders and plasters, especially external bedding/pointing mixes and renders.


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15 litre (25kg) Polyethylene tubs.


Alkali pH 13. Skin, eyes, open sores or cuts must be protected. .


Experienced tradesmen familiar with the use of lime putty must be employed and experienced supervision is essential for mixing. Feebly hydraulic lime does not perform as gypsum plaster and modern cementitious materials. Lime sets by reacting with atmospheric CO2 in the presence of moisture.

This carbonation is a slow process and the control of the drying and setting process is crucial to the long term performance.

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