Handmade Sussex Red Plain Tile

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Choosing a roofing material is a key decision when building or renovating a home as the roof is a dominant feature of the building. Traditionally made from locally available materials, clay tiles have always encompased pleasing aesthetics with durability. These tiles are manufactured in Kent using traditional making skills, and baked to exacting standards using a modern technological kiln. Both Peg and Plain tiles are offered in a wide range of traditional colours. No two  tiles are identical, with variation in shape, colour, thickness and size. In this way, they give a sympathetic ‘time weathered’ appearance with the advantage of being performance guaranteed. When used as exterior wall cladding, they are an excellent way to add character to modern properties, which may already have ordinary and unprepossessing machine made clay or concrete tiles on the roof.

Product Specifications:
Dimensions (+/- 2% on length, +/- 1% on width) .... bespoke sizes can be made to order (Metric (mm)) (imperial (inches))

Plain Tiles
(Variable to avoid straight lines on roof)

265 x 165

10.5 x 6.5

Plain Peg Tiles

255 x 160

10.1 x 6.2


265 x 165

10.5 x 6.5

Oast Peg Tapers (Two Tapers, wide & narrow)

255 x 150 reduce to 120 or 85


Ridges- all types 300 (Long) 12 (Long)
Sussex Hip 260 Long x 255 wide
Bonnet Hip 280 Long x 300 wide
Kent Hip 260 Long x 265 wide
Universal Valley 285 Long x 300 wide
External and Internal 265 (Long)
Angles (90° )

Lap (Minimum)
Plain Tile

65 mm

2.5 inches
Plain Peg Tile 65 mm 2.5 inches

Gauge (Maximum)
Plain Tile

100 mm

4 inches
Plain Peg Tile 95 mm 3.25 inches

Roof Pitch Minimum
Tudor Recommended 40º but will accept to 35º
BS 5534:Part 1:1997 Recommended Minimum 40º

Covering Capacity (of 100 mm / 4 inch gauge)
Plain Tile

60 tiles / metre²
Plain Peg Tile 66 tiles / metre²

Laid Weight (of 100 mm / 4 inch gauge)
Plain Tile

72kg / metre²

14.75lbs / feet²
Plain Peg Tile 71kg / metre²

Transverse Strength

780 Newtons

Water Impermeability

BS EN 1304:2005(E) standard

Freeze / Thaw Test

BS EN 1304:2005(E) standard - All Tiles without suffering damage

CE Marking + Declaration of Performance

BS EN 1304:2005(E) standard - copies available on our Legal & Technical Documents webpage

Ventilation Tiles / Systems

Half Round Vented Ridge (Eyebrow) 2,580 mm² 4 inches²
Hog's Back Vented Ridge (Eyebrow) 2,580 mm² 4 inches²
Half or Third Round Continuous Vent 5,806 mm² 9 inches²
Invisible Under Tile Vent System (Minimum) 9,000 mm² 14 inches²
Part visible In-Tile Vent 6,250 mm² 4 inches²

Plain Tiles are banded in tens for ease of handling on site and shrink wrapped on pallets of 1000 single colour.

per 1000 Plain Tiles - approx.1.2 tonnes.

Bat Access Tiles & Creasing Tiles
made to bespoke size to order.

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