Conservation Filler - 1ltr tub

Price excludes vat
Brand: Old House Store
Condition: New
MPN: LPCO001000
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Old House Store conservation filler is a specially developed filler made entirely from natural lime & aggregates.  Primarily a crack filler and gap stopper.  It's lime putty based and totally breathable



*  Patching cracks up to 2mm in single application.

*  Stopping gaps up to 5mm with 2-3 applications.

*  Specifically designed to work with lime-based plasters.

*  Ideal for gypsum repairs providing a near invisible finish when re-painted.


Because our conservation filler contains no resins, plastics, or other synthetic elements & compounds.  It reflects the same frequency of light as the substrate material it is repairing.     


How To Apply:-


  • Clear any loose material from the surface you are repairing
  • Lightly moisten the area with a water spray bottle
  • Apply a very thin layer over the repair area, use a credit card or flexible wall-paper scraper to work the material into the void you are repairing
  • As the filler dries, wipe of the excess with a sponge. This should produce a smooth and flush repair
  • Repeat the process for larger repairs (Above 2mm), building layers until the damage is completely filled



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