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Technical Information Sheet

Description          Clayboard is a composite board consisting of clay, reed and hessian. The reeds from managed reed beds run along and across the board length and the board is faced on both sides with hessian. This acts as reinforcement and a plaster key. The constituents are mixed wet and formed into panels then cut to length and width.
Consistency of the product is monitored by quality tests carried out by the manufacturer : Tests of physical properties to ensure suitability of clay.
Visual inspection of reeds and hessian before manufacture.
Visual checks for damage & flaws before shipping.
Clayboard is available in the following sizes :
Product code Thickness mm(± 5%) Width mm(± 5%) Length mm(± 5%) Board Weight kg (± 30%) No. of boards/pallet
ECB25 25 625 1500 11.7 60
Design                 Clayboard is suitable for internal use in drywall construction on walls and ceilings. It is a practical alternative to using gypsum plasterboard and lath-and-plaster and is compatible with clay or lime -based plasters.
The application of clay products in general influences the internal building environment by regulating temperature, absorbing moisture and odours and insulating against sound transfer.
Physical properties of boards :
Density - 500kg/m (12.5kg/m ) Thermal conductivity - 0.14 W/mk Vapour resistivity - To be advised
Vapour diffusion resistance factor (ref air) - 10 Water Absorption (@100% RH) - To be advised Capillarity - To be advised
Sound absorption - To be advised
Support                For use on walls Clayboard must be screwed to supports spaced at not greater than 600mm centres.
For use on ceilings Clayboard must be screwed to supports spaced at not greater than 400mm centres.
The boards must be continuously supported along all edges.
The strength and stiffness of the supports must be appropriate to the position and function of the wall within the building.
It is not recommended that the boards are fixed to a solid wall using plaster 'dabs'.
Finishes               Clayboard is hessian faced on both sides which forms a key for plaster.
Joints between boards should be scrimmed with hessian or cotton scrim. Fibre tape may be used but should be plastered on.
The boards can be skimmed using a 2-3mm thick coat of lime or earth finish plaster. The surface of the boards may be lightly wetted to retard drying.
The boards can receive a direct paint finish if required. A dilute sealing coat is recommended.

Resistance to Damage

Precautions common to good drywall construction practice should be taken to avoid damage to the installed board.
Vulnerable edges and corners should be protected.

Resistance to Moisture

The boards will deteriorate if kept in prolonged contact with water or used unprotected in damp environments.
Contact the supplier for advice on particular applications.

Resistance to Fire

Ceiling of 25mm Clayboard and clay plaster finish is rated F30 in accordance with DIN4102 Pt2 (09/1977)
Non load-bearing partition wall of 25mm Clayboard and clay plaster finish both sides is rated F30 in accordance with DIN4102 Pt2 (09/1977)

Fixing to Clayboards

Light loads can be carried directly by the board using drywall fixings. Heavier loads should be fixed through to the wall framing.

Thermal/Moisture Clayboards are dimensionally stable when used in 'normal' internal conditions and as
Movements          part of a 'breathing' wall construction.
Cutting                 Clayboard can be cut with a fine-toothed handsaw, a circular saw or bandsaw.
Cut edges don't unravel
Fixings                 Clayboards can be fixed to the substrate using zinc-plated countersunk screws with 15mm diameter washers.
Fixings must be at not less than 150mm centres along board edges. Fixings must have a minimum edge distance of 20mm
Site Notes            Clayboards have easily damaged edges and can be broken by rough handling.
They should be stored flat, raised off the ground on wide bearers, protected from damp, in stacks not more than (20) boards high

Notes:   60 boards per pallet

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